Monday, September 10, 2007

Java EE 5 preview and NetBeans 5.5 Preview available

Sun still hold the NetBean. I had heard some news from a Eclipse conference that NetBean are migrating to Eclipse. I don't know if it's true.

The first I had to say NetBean is a real powerful IDE, many features included. But the user interface and functions alwayse behind JBuilder, WSAD and Eclipse. And the most important things I thought, is NetBean have been losing many live capabilities.

Sun has announced the simultaneous release of preview versions of the JEE 5 SDK and NetBeans Enterprise Pack 5.5.The JEE 5 SDK will form the basis of Sun's Application Server, version 9. The JEE 5 SDK is a frozen version of the Glassfish application server, and contains support for underlying technologies such as JSF 1.2, JAX-WS 2.0, JAXB 2.0, as well as adding architectural blueprints and code samples.NetBeans 5.5 supports JEE5 and contains previews of the UML editor migrated from Sun's Java Studio Enterprise, as well as SOA tool capabilities. It includes the JEE 5 SDK, and features from Sun's Java Studio Creator are expected to migrate into NetBeans 5.5 in late 2006. NetBeans 5.5 will also run properly on the Java 6 beta, although it should be noted that since NetBeans, the JDK 6, and the application server are all beta, some oddities may occur.The JEE5 SDK and NetBeans 5.5 are still beta because JEE 5 is not final, as minor changes may still occur in the various specifications. The Java EE 5 specifications are expected to become final in the second quarter of 2006.


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