Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Parsing XML in J2ME

Parsing XML in J2ME

This article lists a number of XML parser libs which we can use in Java ME applications. Here is the list:

The following table summarizes the current offering of small XML parsers that are appropriate for MIDP.

Name License Size MIDP Type
ASXMLP 020308 Modified BSD 6 kB yes push, model
kXML 2.0 alpha EPL 9 kB yes pull
kXML 1.2 EPL 16 kB yes pull
MinML 1.7 BSD 14 kB no push
NanoXML 1.6.4 zlib/libpng 10 kB patch model
TinyXML 0.7 GPL 12 kB no model
Xparse-J 1.1 GPL 6 kB yes model

The Name and License columns contain links to the corresponding web pages and licenses. The Size column indicates the size of the class files for the parser as contained in a JAR, which is an approximation of how much size the parser will add to your MIDlet suite JAR. The MIDP column indicates whether the parser will compile without modifications in a MIDP environment. Finally, the Type column indicates the type of the parser, as discussed above.

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