Monday, February 14, 2011

HP makes flash music with Violin

Because Violin is so good~~

HP makes flash music with Violin: "

You wanna play, Larry?

HP is working with flash supplier Violin Memory to make accelerated database systems competing with Oracle's Exadata go-fast boxes.…


FW: Intel finds flaw in Sandy Bridge chipset

The microbe brings trouble~~

Intel finds flaw in Sandy Bridge chipset: "

Cougar Point bites SATA ports

Chip giant Intel was ecstatic about the rollout of the Sandy Bridge Core family of chips for desktops and laptops and is prepping for single-socket servers and workstations next month based on the Xeon variants of these chips. But the discovery of a bug in the Intel 6 Cougar Point chipset announced this morning just threw a spanner in the rollout of these CPUs. It also very possibly may have given Advanced Micro Devices the lucky break it has been praying for.…


Finally: FW:Enterprise fanbois yawn at death of Apple Xserve

Enterprise fanbois yawn at death of Apple Xserve: "

Few loved it while alive

On Monday, Apple ended its nine-and-one-half-year Xserve experiment, and reactions are mixed. One outspoken analyst says the decision 'sucks,' but a broad-ranging survey reveals that most users of that Jobsian rack-mounted server don't hold a grudge against Cupertino.…


FW:IDEAS Storage Top 10 -- HP, I'm worrying about you

IDEAS Storage Top 10: "Have you ever wondered what the hot products are at any given time, in terms of public interest? Late last year, as part of the revamp of our public website, we added two new free information sources, the Server Gateway and Storage Gateway, to complement our existing Green Gateway and..."

From Android to iPhone: Google Shopper

From Android to iPhone: Google Shopper: "
More and more Google applications that used to be available only for Android are now ported to the iPhone. After Google Voice, Google Latitude, Google Places, Google Goggles (a feature of the Google Mobile App), iPhone users can now download Google Shopper, a product search tool that recognizes barcodes, supports voice search and lets you compare prices at online stores and local stores. It's actually a mobile version of Google Product Search that knows your location and has more input methods.

Google Shopper saves your history and lets you star products, but it doesn't integrate with Google accounts, so your data is only available on a single device. Another issue is that voice search times out too fast, so it's quite difficult too use.

According to Google, 'Shopper is available for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 with iOS 4.0+ in English only for the United States and the UK.'

There are still many Android-only apps (Sky Map, Google Translate, Gmail, Google Talk, Google Reader, Google Maps Navigation, Google Finance, Gesture Search) and it's likely that some of them will be available in Apple's App Store in the coming months.


Android Market for the Web

Android Market for the Web: "Google has finally released the Web-based version of the Android Market, which is now available at You can link to applications, find apps from your computer and install them over the air.

Android Market for the Web includes all the applications, not just the ones that are available for a certain device or a certain version of Android, so it's much more comprehensive than the application that's installed on your Android device. You'll be able to find paid apps even if you live in a country where you can only install free apps and you'll be able to find apps that require Froyo even if your phone still uses Android Donut. In fact, you don't even have to be an Android user to explore the Market.

I've tried to install an application from the web site, but Google shows an 'invalid request' error after the authentication process.

To make the Market even better, Google announced two additional features that will be available soon: in-app purchases and fixed pricing for various currencies. That means you'll see less apps that cost $1.73 or €2.26, assuming that developers will adjust their prices.