Thursday, April 24, 2008

An easy way to generate the LaTex style document

LaTex is a famous documentation preparation system. You can easily generate the user friendly user interface for your documents. You can easily navigate in LaTex generated document.

Here is a helloworld introduction for LaTex from LaTex project homepage: LaTex Introduction.

Here I just want to provide a easy and WYSIWYG way to generate HTML document.

Just follow these steps:
  • Install openoffice-org, latex, latex2html on your linux system
  • Use openoffice-org writer to open your gati-tutorial.doc
  • Export it to latex format file
  • use latex2html to generate the html style document


- Jimmy Zhao

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

ApacheConEu08PresentationSlides - Apachecon Wiki

ApacheConEu08PresentationSlides Posted to Wiki

For those people who want to get them easier, please click on links below (You would probably need to register on slideshare website to access some of the slides):


Instructions for Presenters

Please either upload your presentation slides to this page, or link your presentation slides to this page. To edit this wiki, you need to have an [WWW] account. You are also encouraged to upload your slides to [WWW] SlideShare. SlideShare slides should be tagged with apacheconeu2008 and apachecon. For questions, email the ConCom planners (or find one of us at the conference.)

Training Sessions

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

System Administration Track

Java and Ajax Development Track

The Business of Open Source Track

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Web Security Track

Java, SOA and Web Services

Community and Business Track

Friday, 11 April 2008

System Administration Track

Application Development

Web Services and Web 2.0

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Attend ApacheConf Europe Online

Free Live Video Streaming at ApacheCon Europe 2008

If you are unable to join us in Amsterdam, no problem, just register for the live video streaming and follow the event live from your own PC. After the live transmission, you can replay your favorite talks, whenever and as often as you like. All keynote sessions and the opening plenary are available free of charge:

The talks of the following select ApacheCon Europe tracks are available for just 99 Euro: System Administration (Wednesday), Web Security (Thursday), Web Services and Web 2.0 (Friday).

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Adobe推Photoshop网络版 进军网络平台服务-设计在线-Photoshop-天极网

Adobe推Photoshop网络版 进军网络平台服务-设计在线-Photoshop-天极网




Apache Conf EU 2008 - Pre-conference day 1

I joined a half day training session called: Monitoring 2.0.

The trainer (his name is Erik Albele??) comes from German, but his can speak pretty good English.

He introduced the SNMP protocol and another open source product called Zenoss. But it's not really 2.0 I think.

Here is a highlights for Zenoss:

  • Single Integrated Product - to monitor your entire IT infrastructure
  • First Commercial Open Source CMDB - a single repository for your IT assets
  • Easy To Use Browser-Based GUI - no linux skills needed, access from anywhere
  • Enterprise-Ready Architecture - tiered architecture that scales to thousands of nodes
  • ZenPacks Framework - packaging system for Zenoss plugins, skins, etc...
  • Open Source - free, GPLv2, source code included, more...
  • New in 2.1 - Google Maps Mashup, Network Visualization, Java Apps Management, more...

It's good to know another cheap and good solution in IT management, there are lots of good features in Zenoss, like configurable templates for reports, events, metrics.

Picture below is their free release of Zenoss: