Thursday, September 13, 2007

IT|Redux - Rules for Office 2.0

IT|Redux - Rules for Office 2.0

Look at these rules:
No client application other than a web browser
No files on personal computer
Compatibility with the most popular web browsers
No browser extension or plugin
Collaboration features are good
Syndication is the way to go
AJAX is better
Competition brings alternatives
Data import/export is mandatory

I wish, the browser can do everything for me but ...

Comparing with Microsoft's office, I think current office 2.0 still a long way to go.

But look at the link beside this article, there are office 2.0 solution vender - Webex, ThinkFree, service provider - Etelos, content protect solution vendor - EchoSigh, and supper companies - Google and SAP. I believe these people work together and they can make something.

I don't know whether these rules already prioritized, but from my point of view, the one of "Collaboration features are good" is the most important one. Without this one, I don't think the companies will turn their head to use office 2.0 -- something they can easily got from other place.

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