Monday, September 17, 2007

Eclectic Bill: "Project Management for Small Projects" Review

Eclectic Bill: "Project Management for Small Projects" Review:

From a link of my subscribed PM related blog, I found this article. I think it will help me on my own small project team management article.

Look at the defnintion of small project:

1. Six months or less in duration
2. Part-time in effort hours
3. Ten or fewer team members
4. Small number of skill areas
5. Single objective and solution that is readily achievable
6. Narrowly defined scope and definition
7. Affects a single business unit and a single decision maker
8. Doesn't require automated solutions from external project sources
9. No political implications
10. Straightforward deliverables with interdepencies among skill areas
11. Costs less $75,000 and has available funding
Examples of small projects are the creation of a training course or developing a website.

Given this definition, Ms. Rowe describes five challenges facing the project manager of small projects:
1. Planning - not enough
2. Low priority
3. Inexperienced project teams
4. Project manager responsible for multiple functions
5. Trying to use standard project management tools and processes for small projects.

Thanks Bill.

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