Thursday, September 13, 2007

IT|Redux - BPM 2.0

IT|Redux - BPM 2.0: "

Comparisions between BPM 1.0 and BPM 2.0.
They are all true. Business should be more easy and flexible to be implemented. But on the backend, everything should still the same as before, or even harder.

BPM 1.0 BPM 2.0

Marketed to Business Analysts Used by Process Analysts

Starting with a Process Modeling Tool Starting with a Complete BPMS

Multiple Tools from Multiple Vendors One Single Tool in Eclipse

Usable by J2EE Experts Only Loved by ABAP, PHP and VB Folks


ARIS, HIM, UML, Proprietary Notations BPMN

BPEL Editor BPMN Designer

Writing Code Behind the Boxes Zero Code

Writing Deployment Descriptor Files One Click Deploy

Implementing Application Connectors Generating Web Services on-the-fly

Generating Java Code Interpreting BPEL Code Natively

Web 1.0 User Interface Web 2.0 User Interface

Bring your own Rule Engine Rule Engine Included

Bring your own BAM Real-Time BAM Included

Ad hoc Process Simulation Native Process Simulation

Continuous Process Improvement Dynamic Process Optimization

Closed Source Process Engine Open Source Process Engine

$250,000 Entry Fee Get Started Today, Free of Charge

Used by Process Analysts

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