Monday, September 10, 2007

REST vs. SOAP: Ops vs. Dev? « Angry Bill

REST vs. SOAP: Ops vs. Dev? « Angry Bill:

This guy really makes a good point here, look at what he said:
"Its trying to tunnel through port 80 and sneak past operations aversions to things like CORBA traffic. But is this such a bad thing? As far as this particular aspect of the SOAP vs. REST debate goes, what is the real underlying issue here? What I think it is is a matter of control."

Why everybody so happy to use SOAP? Easy to use over HTTP and the formated language is the benefit. But how to control it already out of the SOAP.
And I also think no matter REST or something else, they will finally sit together for our business purposes.

We'd like to see this kind of fight, but we need to be more focus on combine them together.

This is what I thought.

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