Monday, February 16, 2009

Sessions I'm interested in:

Sessions I'm interested in (and of course my session is included, cheers):

The full session list is at:

Wed Mar 25 10:30by Grant Ingersoll
Wed Mar 25 11:30by Marcel Offermans
Wed Mar 25 11:30by Adrian Trenaman
Wed Mar 25 13:00by Jim Jagielski
Wed Mar 25 13:00by Lars Eilebrecht
Wed Mar 25 14:00by Sanjiva Weerawarana
Wed Mar 25 14:00by Michael Busch
Wed Mar 25 14:00by Paul Fremantle
Wed Mar 25 14:00by Olga Natkovich
Wed Mar 25 15:00by Tom White
Wed Mar 25 15:00by Michael Stack
Wed Mar 25 15:00by Kevan Miller
Wed Mar 25 15:00by Gianugo Rabellino
Wed Mar 25 16:30by Sanjiva Weerawarana
Wed Mar 25 16:30by Jukka Zitting
Wed Mar 25 16:30by David Jencks
Wed Mar 25 16:30by Allen Wittenauer
Wed Mar 25 17:30by Steve Loughran
Wed Mar 25 17:30by J. Chris Anderson
Wed Mar 25 17:30by David Jencks
Thu Mar 26 09:00by Ruwan Linton
Thu Mar 26 10:00by Paul Fremantle
Thu Mar 26 16:30by Andreas Gies
Thu Mar 26 17:30by Filip Hanik
Thu Mar 26 17:30by Emmanuel lecharny
Fri Mar 27 09:00by Jimmy Zhao
Fri Mar 27 10:00by Norman Maurer
Fri Mar 27 10:00by Felix Meschberger
Fri Mar 27 14:00by Wendy Smoak
Fri Mar 27 15:00by Carlos Sanchez
Fri Mar 27 16:30by Dave Johnson
Fri Mar 27 16:30by Bertrand Delacretaz
Fri Mar 27 17:30by Steve Loughran

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