Saturday, February 7, 2009

happy for 3 new features of GWT 1.6

Enhancements for server side application development:
1. WAR generation and RPC configuration easier
This is always a problem for all server side application developers. While doing the server side application, you must handle all this configuration by yourself (at least most of them). And the RPC codes are really hard to handle, I met many issues at the beginning.
2. Hosted mode enhancement
It provides a restart button which can restart the web container, instead of close the console and completely rerun everything again. But I'm wondering why they change the web server to Jetty, why we can use tomcat for this feature? Well, Jetty is good too, but I like Tomcat more than Jetty.

3. New event handling system.
I haven't checked all of them yet, but this one looks nice -- each event handler only handle one method, you don't need to create empty method for it anymore. The codes will be more clear now.

There are also many other new features, check this link below for details:


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